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When it comes to prostate cancer, things are not looking very bright. At least they did not look in the past. This disease kills thousands every year and treatment for prostate cancer is hard and difficult. However, an astonishing discovery has been made that will start to change the ways of prostate cancer treatment.

The end stage of prostate cancer was a very big concern for doctors and scientists, because at breitling navitimer this point, the patients body does not react to any treatment at all. For those prostate cancer patients, things are starting to get better and better. A new vaccine was discovered that can actually prologue the life of a person that suffers from the advanced state of prostate cancer. Studies have shown that the person that is given this vaccine will live almost five months more. Imagine how wonderful is that. Before there was no other option for prostate cancer patients that were found in this advanced state but to wait their death. Now, due to this vaccine against prostate cancer, things have changed.

Scientists do not know how long this vaccine is going to keep prostate cancer in check, but it definitely is a very bright breitling navitimer beginning. certain cells form the prostate cancer’ s patients immune system were taken and combined with other cells from prostate cancer tumor. This modified cell that resulted is actually the vaccine. Three such dosages were given to a number of patients that had advanced prostate cancer in two months time. The vaccine stimulates the immune system to search and then destroy the prostate cancer cells that are found in your body. Unlike other vaccines, that are designed to prevent diseases, the prostate cancer vaccine actually tries to cure the condition.

The results were amazing. More than half of those people lived five months linger than they were expected. Moreover, all prostate cancer patients that have been part of the study have shown an improvement in their prostate cancer condition. Some of them even showed an amazing decrease in the levels of protein that are responsible for prostate cancer. That is to say that the prostate cancer started to develop slower than before.

When first showing this amazing discovery, many people were sceptic. But seeing the results and the door that this prostate cancer vaccine opens, most of them were convinced. There are still some things that have to be verified about this prostate cancer vaccine, but you can consider this a milestone non the less.

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